Paket Tour Murah

Not only enjoy the beautiful scenery on the beach only. So if you want to know about the tribe sasak, of course Sade Village can be a list of your tourist destination. Lombok Island also has a special food that is not less delicious with other regions. Tour Guide Enchantment of Tiu Kelep Waterfall In North Lombok Tourists. After breakfast, check out from hotel, and you will be invited to Narmada Park.

Lombok is in many ways similar to Bali, and in the decade of the 1990s began to be known to foreign tourists. We have been in the service of foreign and local tourists who want to vacation in  Paket Tour Murah Lombok and become a package holiday lombok with cheap prices including airfare and hotels so do not get the wrong choice all entrusted only to us who have experienced for many years. We provide a wide selection of cheap travel packages in bali, one of which is a 3 day 2 night package. Here you can feel the harmony between people, and you can also see the uniqueness of the floor of his house in clean with buffalo dung. Transit and breakfast at RM Tamansari Tuban. One of the mascots of the holiday to Labuan Bajo is Komodo Island, Komodo Island is located in Labuan Bajo and has special Komodo Wild which is protected by the State.

Lombok President also Inaugurated Mandalika Tourism Development Area. Once you go through senggigi beach, you will get to the beach tourism object gili trawangan lombok, beach there is a magnificent panorama, from the start of the blue sea water, then the breeze that increase the tranquility of the heart. 1. Pasar Lendang Bajur: One of the traditional markets in Lombok which became the center of trade in the Area of ​​Gunung Sari and provides a wide range of fresh fruit directly taken by the farmers. Before returning home we will be spoiled again with the city tour visiting the souvenirs in Mataram which sells many kinds of them consisting of pearls, t-shirts, souvenirs and typical souvenir seaweed. After lunch, you will be escorted to the airport to return to their respective areas .. In this Sukarara Village you can try to learn directly to make the famous woven handicrafts Lombok famous to foreign countries.

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